Part of the American Freedom Holding Corp. (State of Nevada) with a capitalization of approximately $800 million (FRHC, NASDAQ)


$125 million of Equity, $1.3 billion of customer assets and over $14 billion of trading revenue of the Group in the last fiscal year


Internationally audited, you can find the annual reports of Freedom Holding Corp on the Securities Exchange Commission page page

Who we are

We are modern, dynamic and reliable broker with professional customer support, having a team with experience and expertise in the US stock market.

We are constantly searching the bright ideas in the US stock market, offering an ongoing support, providing robust trading platforms and technologies for the high-performance work on the market.

Freedom Finance Europe Ltd.

Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. is registered in Cyprus and provides domestic and international clients access to Russian, American and Kazakh stock exchanges and offers a broad range of services in the financial markets in order to satisfy short and long term financial needs of its clients.


Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. is registered in Cyprus on 05.08.2013 under registration number HE324220 and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under licence number CIF 275/15, granted on 20.05.2015.

CySEC License

Freedom Finance – an international Investment company on the ideas that earn more than 100 thousand people around the world

Comprehensive analytical support and consulting of real Investment experts in the real office from one of the Berlins Business Centers.
Choice of over 290 Euro bonds with high security and profitability, which is competitive with the bank rates
A complete online trading platform with the ability to social-trading for independent trading.

Fee Schedule


Available Markets


Advantages for trading on American stock market

Today, the US stock market is the main financial center of the world. The dynamics of the US indexes S&P500 and Dow Jones determines the mood on the other stock markets in the world including Russia. The whole world is monitoring the situation on the stock exchanges NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, CBOT and others, and repeats their main trends.

Securities for trading

The company's clients have access to more than 1,000,000 various financial instruments – stocks of S&P500 and the world's leading companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Disney, Amazon, Facebook), options, futures, corporate and government bonds, various investment funds (sector, index, margin, bond).

Trading platforms

The Client has the opportunity to place an order for purchase/sale of securities either on his own or, by using the following trading platforms: TRADERNET


Timur Turlov

Member of the Board

Evgeniy Tyapkin

Executive Director,
Member of the Board

+357 252 577 87 (int 48401)

Ovik Tonyan

Financial Director

+357 252 577 87 (int 48418)

Yuri Anesyants

Director of Compliance

+357 252 577 87 (int 48474)

Liudmila Kiriaku

FRHC Representative

+357 252 577 87 (int 48457)

Denis Rudnev

Head of Back Office Department

+357 252 577 87 (int 48406)

Ilnar Zigangirov

Head of the Marketing Department

+357 252 577 87 (int 48421)

Olga Karpunina

Head of Human Resources Department

+357 252 577 87 (int 48424)

Denis Matafonov

Executive Director,
Member of the Board

+357 252 577 87 (int 48410)

Olga Milko

Business Development Director

+357 252 577 87 (int 48405)

Alexander Feoktistov

Head of the Legal Department

+357 252 577 87 (int 48497)

Nikita Konkov

Head of Dealing on Own Account

+357 252 577 87 (int 48402)

Dmitry Simonov

Head of Client Support

+357 252 577 87 (int 48413)

Vitaliy Zvonar

Head of Product Management Department

+357 252 577 87 (int 48492)

Olga Kazarina

Head of Finance and Accounting Department

+357 252 577 87 (int 48490)

Freedom24 for iOS and Android

Investing in securities is a way to preserve and increase capital. Freedom Finance – an online broker for trading securities through the internet. Trade securities from the comfort of your home.

With the Freedom24 app you can:

  • View data on securities in real-time (demo account allows you to view real data with a delay)
  • Invest with both demo and real user accounts of the Tradernet terminal
  • Create trade orders for the purchase and sale of securities
  • View history of orders, status of orders, trades executed on the order
  • Track the status of your current portfolio


Tradernet by Freedom Finance

Trading Platform

We offer state-of-the-art proprietary electronic trading platform, Tradernet. Tradernet provides clients with a browser-based desktop application and in some countries a supporting mobile app to facilitate trading activity. Tradernet provides clients with trading capabilities and access to the KASE, Ukrainian Exchange, MOEX, SPBEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, and Deutsche Börse. Additionally, Tradernet allows clients to monitor and manage all aspects of their personal accounts and participate in our client social network.

Freedom Holding Corp. is an international strategic investment company operating in 8 countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Cyprus.

Freedom Finance Europe Ltd is a subsidiary of the Freedom Holding Corp., an international investment group with equity capital over $117 million.

Shares of the Holding company are listed on NASDAQ. The holding's operations are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, USA).

More than $3.4 billion

Market capitalization of Freedom Holding Corp"

400 000

Clients of Freedom Finance group of companies

$ 2 billion

Client Assets within the holding

Team 2500+

Experts in the Group comprise of specialists with an average 10-year experience in finance